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Brand: Iron Horse

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  • *****

    Awesome starter bike. Will not dissapoint you

    Price. Frame. Discs. Quality

    Pedals. Grips

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  • tvance

    I bought this bike over 3 years ago when I was starting to mountain bike. Besides a few components breaking or needing replacement this bike has held up through the constant abuse that I have put it through recently. I even brought this bike down to Fountain Head Regional Park and was dropping down on 3-4 foot drops and the bike held up. This is a good bike to get into the sport at a very good price.

    The frame is an excellent piece of work for the price. Having dual disk brakes is also a plus. Shimano components are always reliable. Following what Code_Rage said the grips are very uncomfortable and upgrading them is a must.

    Crank shaft feel apart on me during a serious ride. The pedals are very bulky. The Rock Shoxx Dart fork is pretty stiff.

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  • Code_Rage

    It sounds like there are alot of cons and that I am bagging on the bike. Truth be told there are many better bikes available.
    I gave it such a high rating because it is a quality bike, very affordable, and allowed me to explore this sport with out breaking the bank or upsetting the wife. and I can upgrade the bike as I need to.
    This is THE perfect introductory bike for those on a tight budget.

    For the price you cant beat this bike. It has held up very well on some Intermediate/Difficult trails.

    The Tektro brakes SUCK! They work well when tuned but are in constant need of tuning which can be a problem. I would recomend to upgrade the brakes to BB7s ASAP. The front fork is a little weak but it works. The 8 speed drive train makes upgrading a little difficult without having to buy a whole new drive train.
    The stock grips could not be more uncomfortable.

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  • VilleIronHorse

    I would definitely buy this bike again. I would definitely suggest updating the crankset and bb to a spline drive (if you can find an 8-speed one). I found out the hard way that when I ordered my Shimano XT FC-M770 that it was for a 9 speed so now I am upgrading it all a little earlier then planned.

    This bike is a great start for the money. It incorparates a really nice frame with decent components that you would find on a bike $100-$200 more expensive.

    I hate the crankset. Because it wasn't installed correctly (not tightened down enough) it backed out the screw holding the left crankarm on and caused stress cracks and warped the crank arm square opening.

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