Hammer Nutrition HEED Sports Energy Drink

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  • VBALL02

    I have tried Melon, which taste like watermelon, but I did not really care for that. The Lemon Lime flavor is comparable to other brands of sports drinks as far as how it tastes. Strawberry is very good, and the Mardarin Orange is so good, kind of reminding me of an orange-vanilla flavor like the old time dreamsicle pops we had as kids. If you are in the market for a quality product, and want to try something totally different for your taste buds, I highly recommend the Mardarin Orange flavor!

    As I said in my review of the Hammer Nutrition Gel product, Hammer Nutrition is definitely on top of their game! The HEED sports drink is my main source of fluid intake during strenuous exercise, and definitely provides me with the nutrients I need to continue sports activity for hours on end. From the back of the Mandarin Orange flavor bottle, it states that one level scoop is 29 grams, which provides 100 calories, only 2 grams of sugar, 26 grams of carbs, and three different amino acids (Glycine 31 mg, L-Carnosine 50 mg, and Tyrosine 11 mg). The taste of 3 of the 4 flavors I have tried I would consider excellent, and when buying anything bigger than the single serving packets, a serving comes out to be under a dollar.

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  • Corey Maddocks

    Hammer Nutrition sponsors the 24 Hours of Moab race and provides Heed for all racers for free.

    I have always used Poweraid, but now that I have tried this I prefer it as it is much less sugary and easier to drink in the amounts required to stay hydrated.

    It can also be used in a hydration pack without gunking it all up.

    Drop a packet into bottle ir pack and start riding; the motion of the trail will mix it thoroughly!

    Very light taste, not too sugary.
    Not sticky, can be used in a camelbak without messing it up.
    Works as advertised.


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