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  • Nick Hepler

    Overall the post works well however the remote lever is absolutely terrible. First off it's sold separately which is nothing but a ridiculous money grab from Fox. It's priced at $65 which is out of this world expensive, and it's a total piece of crap. The thumb lever constantly comes loose from the assembly and has even locked my post in position. It's a major pain to have to take my whole cockpit apart to adjust it. Had I known this, I definitely would have gone with another set up.

    Good quality post/stanchion and good modulation allowing you to control the speed of the post

    Remote is sold separately and is of the lowest quality imaginable. Piece of garbage

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  • rmap01   ✓ supporter

    Upgraded from the Fox DOSS dropper. Paired the Transfer with a Wolftooth remote. It's got great functionality with over 2k miles of use over the last year . It's starting to show some signs of delay in rebounding so it may need some maintenance.

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