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  • cjm

    This is my set of really high end brakes. I have run Juicy 7's and Hayes Mags. I had been running Juicy 5s because I didn't see the value in upgrading to Juicy 7s. I found these for $150 for calipers and levers and figured what the hell. The FCS really does something, unlike the contact adjust on Juicy 7s. You can adjust the brakes from "on-off" to almost "unlockable." Modulation is very smooth and predictable. Regardless of my best efforts I have yet to cook these puppies off. But the good steep stuff won't open until summer. Like all things in Mountain Biking you have to pay way to much, but you get what you pay for. If you get them for around $150 don't hesitate, you won't regret it. They get a good and not great because of the price tag.

    FCS adjustment really changes the performance of the brakes


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  • Corey Maddocks

    These are not cheap, however watch ebay, as I got some as "new take-offs" with rotors included and saved about $200 off retail.
    If you are a serious rider, and ride serious trails, and want to install some hydraulic brakes and have them just work each and every time you need them, get these. You get what you pay for and these are well worth the investment.
    By the way, I weigh 200lbs and ride a 28lb bike. Even with one finger I can lock up both wheels. The power and modulation on these is incredible, yet they are still light enough to be considered XC.

    Easy to install
    Amazing power
    Smooth modulation
    Look great
    Easy to adjust for reach and engagement
    Can be installed without removing grips
    I store my bike hanging vertically, and the brakes don't seem to be negatively affected, like some others


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