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  • *****

    For Men with larger hands.

    Grips work great. Very comfortable. But it will take some time to get them perfect for your hands. If you have tiny hands these are NOT the grips for you.

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  • treky92

    Buy them, try them, and decide for yourself. I don't know anyone who hates them, but make sure you set them up right for you otherwise you will hate them.

    Relieve pressure points, long day comfort

    price, must be set up right or they make numbness worse

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  • TomG12

    I really want to like these grips, but I have them for 3 months and I'm still adjusting them. They just don't feel right. They also lack actual grip. A decent part of the grip is smooth plastic. I'm getting rid of mine. Time to try something else.

    I like the idea of these grips. I want to like them.

    Expensive!!! They either dig into your hands or don't provide the proper support. Its either too much or too little.

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  • Corey Maddocks

    These have been a huge improvement for me in terms of comfort for long rides.
    Some people say they feel like they have less control on technical sections but I have not experienced that.

    Very comfy
    They do what they claim: relieve pressure on the ulnar nerve and help prevent numbness

    A little tricky to get adjusted right, and they lend themselves to constant fiddling. Have to eventually just go with it.
    A little pricey

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  • Syd Patricio

    Once setup these work well and although they do look a bit strange thats not what your hand and wrist will tell you after hours in the saddle.

    Fairly good grip with more comfort for longer rides.

    A bit of an issue to get it set up correctly.

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  • ckdake   ✓ supporter

    I got these at a discount thanks to Ergon sponsoring my team, and they've been pretty nice. While seeming kind of gimmmicy, and a little tough to adjust right, they've definitely led to less wrist and forearm discomfort during and after long rides.

    These improve the ergonomics over traditional grips without adding weight or things sticking off the front of your bars. For me, they have made my hands and arms more comfortable during and after riding.

    At high speed, these make me feel like I don't have a good enough grip on my bars when going through technical downhill sections. From what I've heard, this happens to a small but significant portion of people that use these, but they haven't made me fall yet!

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