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  • thechez

    When Easton decided to enter the grip market it seemed like an interesting foray. Seems they weren't impressed with how other's lock on grips were fitting on their bars. So what does a powerful company do? They set out and create their own. I thought it was an interesting take on the grip market. Nothing mindblowing, per se, but all intriguing refinements on a market with few innovations as of late. They decided that the traditional clamping method where it cinches down on carbon bars was a bad method so they made their own clamping mechanism that clamps indirectly to keep from stressing the carbon. Easton also came up with their own rubber for the grips dubbed elastomeric polyurethane that has two different patterns for the palm and for the fingers on the grip. The rubber also extends beyond the normal area to cover the lock on clamps. A nice touch but something that might have a 50-50 like/dislike option. There's also a very interesting option for the Easton grips that nobody else seems to offer on the market: varying diameter. The grips are available in 30mm and 33mm diameters with a minimal weight penalty(115g/132g). The grips also come in seven colors to help you with your color matching on your rig.

    I have had thicker grips that were soft and caused issues. I have also had thin grips that felt great until the wear point and caused bad cramping before their demise. I decided to take a shot on the 33mm diameter grips to see if they could be the cure all for my hands and help with any cramping. One thing that helped sell the grips was the packaging. It's well thought out and encourages you to try them on your hands to see how they fit. It's two ingenious rivets that allow the grips to swing out to give you a fitting. This is important if you're selling them in multiple diameters. The 30mm grips felt okay but a little small in my hands. The 33mm grips felt like they conformed a lot better and filled in with my hands. I run large size gloves in any brand and have very long fingers with puffy palms. This usually leads to bunching with gloves and small grips. This didn't seem to be the case with the Easton grips. The grips themselves were also a bit longer than the Kore grips I was previously running. This created the need to move my controls in on the bar more than usual. That's nothing bad but something as a little bit of a consideration for those who don't appreciate change. My old grips measure 5 1/8" in length and the Easton grips measure 5 3/8". This difference equates to more real estate to move about on the bars. Mounting the grips is straight forward with a 2.5mm allen wrench. You can see how the grips' lock rings differ from other brands as they clamp over the inner sleeve on the grips rather than directly on the bar. They are also mounted with the larger Easton words for your palm area and the smaller Easton words for tactile feel with your digits. The grip has a soft and comforting feel on the hands but isn't thick like an ODI Rogue. The soft feel has a nice cushion but isn't exactly thicker on the 33mm model just the inner diameter of the grip has been increased. This is a nice touch for those with larger hands who are seeking a thin grip.

    Two things to note with the grips as I did the street test after installing: One: the clamps are not ODI compatible so you can't use any old clamps or seamlessly combine your KS clamp with the levers so you will have to move things out on the bars to make room. Two: Make certain you have the clamps torqued down correctly or the odd cap/lockring combo will come off and go bouncing away. This wasn't a dire occurrence on the street but could be a serious issue if you were on the trail. Black tends to disappear in the forest rather easily.

    On to the rides, shall we? As mentioned before the grips are VERY comfortable and easy with which to gain familiarity. The extra length to them had me adjusting my i-Spec setup to get the shifter closer as well as training my mind to move around my hands a bit more than usual to get them from the edge of the bars(to use the leverage) inward to the shift spot. This was bothersome at first but second nature months later. Also, the portion of the rubber that covers the lock rings are likely a personal preference. Some might dislike the extra bulge upwards as others might like the moto feel as sort of an end point without having to look or feel around. Personally, I liked the covered area as the mounting screws were covered and not digging into my palms. I had prior issues with other grips as I was maximizing life by rotating the grips and exposing my palms to the screws. That said...the Easton grips are a left/right specific set and can't really be rotated to extend life. The specific palm/finger areas are designed that way and work brilliantly. The finger area has a bit of a tangible difference in feeling and is nice while the palm feels more like an armchair for the stress point of the grips. It's a very comfortable grip to use whether you choose gloves or go Blenki style.

    After a couple months the grips are feeling just like they did on the first day and wearing slowly. This is assuring as they are a one life grip. They have survived a couple minor tussles with the ground with no wear and have not discolored from glove use or dirt. This is a major bonus to me as some grips can wear and discolor poorly. The grips have not come loose and there have been no issues to report.

    In all I would say that Easton really did their homework on these grips. They have created a comfortable grip which works with each part of the hand, doesn't ruin carbon bars, works in all conditions, wears well and is available to fit any hand and color combination. If they would just fix the collars to accommodate dropper levers it would be just about the perfect grip for me. These grips come highly suggested and are very well priced compared to the competition. Take a look, try em on...maybe you'll dig em!

    Bigger diameter for bigger hands, comfortable, durable, colors to match your bike, secure, works with carbon bars.

    Doesn't work with ODI system so dropper posts might not be compatible with a lockring.

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  • talt01

    Best lock on grips I have ever used. I can't recommend them enough. comfortable, simple, and they last longer than most out there. Even with multiple tree strikes they keep on going... with some of the tree in the end caps. Buy them

    Excellent Grip
    Dry fast
    2 different sizes
    Color options


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  • Syd Patricio

    Excellent pair of grips that have a good pattern without digging into your fingers. Love these for my AM DH bikes Even though I have a large hand I use the thinner version. (30mm)

    Holds the bar great without marring its surface.


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