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Brand: Crank Brothers
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  • FBTrek321

    anyone who's a beginning clipper or someone like me who is looking to have a choice when it comes to certain trail section this is great, i ride around on them in flip flops all the time. great pedals.

    Clips in great like any Crank Bro pedal, shed mud well, pretty stable when not clipped in too.

    weight, and paint chips kinda easy

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  • Rascalking5

    amazing pedals a little on the heavy side but they take abuse like a boss. three seasons of riding on them and i love them great fro protecting your feet from rocks as ive hit alot here in arizona. make a decent pedal to ride with out being clipped in for commuting and around town stuff all in all great pedal would buy again.

    great durability, easy to clip in, shed mud amazing and take impacts very well


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  • caruckert

    I am 6'5" 250+lbs. and a weekend warrior. I have abused these pedals for two seasons taking on logs, boulders, creek forgings, 2-3ft. drop-offs, a few wipeouts in the process, and these pedals still function as Crankbrothers intend. The pedals' alloy absorbs extreme impacts by bending and not breaking and, basically, protecting the bottom of your foot and the four-sided Eggbeater center. All in all, for a novice clydesdayle who wants click pedals but still urns for the support of a full pedal, the Mallet by Crankbrothers will take you and any abuse you could possibly dish.

    Stability, comforting support at pressure points, security of a four-sided entry and exit pedal system, the ability to take a serious beating and still provide superb functionality

    If weight is crucial these pedals are heavy. The alloy may bend from extreme impacts

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  • Bombardier

    I've run these pedals for well over two seasons. They've taken a helluva beating, but they've provided a secure and versatile function without fail. I gladly pay the weight penalty, and they work great as commute pedals as well.

    Durability: These pedals have smacked many a rock, and endured being put away wet after many nasty, dirty rides.

    Mud Clearance: These pedals don't hold onto mud. Buy shoes to take advantage of this.

    Solid Cleat Engagement: At first, the springs on these pedals took a lot of effort to overcome while either entering or exiting pedal/foot engagement. After a few weeks of riding, the springs broke in, and while a lot more subtle, cleat engagement is still very positive.

    Platform: The Mallet's design allows for a very versatile ride. On either those lazy commutes, or screaming bloodless downhill runs, the large platform of the pedal allows them to be run like regular flats. They are also forgiving of riders that are still learning how to ride clip-in pedals.

    Weight: Definitely not the lightest pedals.

    Cleat Wear: The alloy is rather soft, allowing the cleats to wear more than regular SPD cleats.

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