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Brand: Crank Brothers
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  • 8valvegrowl

    I like 'em. I used to ride SPD's, then went to platform, now back to clipless with these CB Mallets. So far I've had 2 years of reliable use.

    Easy to get in/get out. Plenty of room for techy stuff unclipped. Rock solid reliable for 2+ years of use.

    Easy to snag on rocks, heavy

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  • Juan_Gear

    The name

    Kept popping out of the clip. maybe it was shoe choice, crank Bros know their stuff

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  • Code_Rage

    I love them and would recommend to any one looking to try clipless.

    Great pedals. I needed something that I could use when hunting cause clipless hunting boots are hard to find :).

    I have a hard time getting clipped in some times. Ill rack it up to inexperience for now since these are my first attempt clipless.

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  • timex18

    Overall, I really like this pedal. This is my first clipless and I like it so far. Having a platform is nice to have during some sections of a ride when I am not comfortable being clipped in. I haven't had any other real problems on the dozen or sos ride I have been on. The eggbeater takes a little getting used to, but I am used to it now. At least it's easy to get out of at a moments notice. I

    They are a nice transition from platform to clipless pedals. Easy to get out when it starts to hit the fan.

    Sometimes it is hard to get the eggbeater to attach to my cleats. It will roll and can take a bit of effort if I don't get in the first try.

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  • ScottJensen

    i would not recomend these pedals. reason being, ive nailed them on countless rocks and they have unclipped, a few times sending me to hard crashes. im not usually one whos hard on their pedals, but after 3 rides the axles devoloped play and after 5 or 6 rides needed to be warrentied. same sit. with the new pair, took about 10-15 rides, but i was not satisfied. switched to shimano and had better luck, now im rockin a set of time z's and there amazing. have the big plat llike the mallets, without the riding characteristics.

    the platform is one thing that was appealing to me while looking for a clipless DH pedal. that and the good things id heard about CB led me to purchase

    not to many dislikes until i rode them for a while...

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