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  • shawnmoore1

    I've ridden Boyd wheels on the road, gravel and cyclocross for years and have been able to ride lots of different iterations of their rim and hub designs, but this is my first set of mountain bike wheels from them. All of the things that I've come to expect from Boyd were present. The wheels come to you perfectly trued and tensioned, just add tires and go! I ordered mine with 100x15mm thru axle front and 142x12mm thru axle rear. Traditional QR and Boost options are both available and any conversions are done through simple end cap switching. I also ordered the tubeless kit with mine and the wheels arrived with tape and tubeless valves already installed. (Note: Boyd patented an asymmetric tubeless valve nut that makes hand tightening the valve a simple affair. It's one of those little things that makes perfect sense when you look at it and you wonder why nobody thought of it before.)

    Tubeless tire setup was dead simple. I installed the Specialized Butcher and Slaughter combo on mine, added Continental Revo sealant, and aired them up. The distinctive gunshot pops of the bead seating always makes my heart race! I guess having been around or a part of so many tubes pushing tire beads off of cheap rims and exploding in the back of bike shops has left me a little traumatized! Quality tubeless ready tires and rims just mount up perfectly and these were no exception. No hops, no waves, just perfectly seated tire bead all around on the first go.

    First ride impressions:
    These wheels are over a pound lighter than the stock wheelset on my Marin Hawk Hill and I really looked forward to seeing how that felt on the trail. For the first ride, I headed over to Zack's Fork Mountain Bike Trail. One of the most noticeable upgrades you can make on a bike is a wheelset upgrade. Lighter wheels make a bike feel quicker and more nimble and this was the case with my first ride on these. The most noticeable effect came in accelerating after climbs or turns as it was exceptionally quick to increase speed. The normally playful ride quality of the Hawk Hill was even more evident. The satisfying buzz of 6 pawls clicking over 32 engagement points is the perfect backdrop to any descent and the Boyd Quest hubs provide that in spades.

    Final thoughts:
    Boyd Cycling has been steadily improving their hub and rim designs for years on the road and that level of knowledge and refinement is evident in their mountain bike offering. This is a purchase that will not disappoint.

    - wide rim design
    - fast engagement from 6 pawls and 32 engagement points
    -Centerlock disc
    - super easy tubeless set up
    - handbuilt in the US
    - a lot of bang for the buck

    - none noted

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