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Brand: Bontrager

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Q: What size tubes do you need for tires

Q: I want to replace this rear rim mine bent to hell! How do I know what sizes will fit?

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  • Nick Hepler

    These came already installed on a new bike I had bought and I have to say I was very glad when the time came for new rims. After only two months of riding these rims were hideously out of true. I would not recommend these rims. Very heavy yet vulnerable to everything on the trail. Total garbage.



    Won't stay straight or true for very long

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    • Paulsonbikes

      Replace your rim! I am currently trying to go with a different brand but don't know what to search and what to look for! Just looking for a cheap alternative preferable a better quality

      Bent like a fishing rod with a 20lb musky on the line. They were weak, my old BMX bike handled a far better beating

  • JacksPerson

    I am completely unimpressed by these rims. The first time they were used they were ridden on about 3 miles of smooth groomed dirt rails trail about a mile of snowmobile double track and 2 miles of beginner single track and the back wheel already needs to be trued. Upgrade to some WTB Dual Duty rims, you wont be sorry!

    - cheap
    - they look cool on a bike

    - they are cheap
    - warp very easy
    - do not take abuse well at all

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    • Devon Whiteman

      Don't get these rims. I bought a Kenda rim that looks the same, but has lasted three times longer than these have without bending or needing to be trued. The Kenda wheel also has more even and less jerky braking without wallowing in the edge of the wheel unlike the trek wheels.ProsDurable overall, match the bikeConsBend easily, don't stay straight, rim surface not wide enough for proper brake pads