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Brand: Blackburn
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  • JacksPerson

    I ride almost year your in southern NH beating my equipment up on some of the most technical trails in New England and it has survived 3 solid seasons. It doesn't take a million pumps to inflate a tire. This pump has never had a negative impact on my ridding.

    - Large air capacity allows less pumps.
    - It is mostly plastic and very light.
    - It is very durable
    - This pump has never had an negative impact on my riding.

    -It's inexpensive and has caused rub marks on my frame.
    - It only fits Scrader valves so I need to keep an adapter nipple on my valve stem.

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  • cgree313

    Inexpensive, it is definitely worth the purchase. You don't need an expensive fancy air pump.

    inexpensive and light. Gets the job done.

    Became dislodged on first ride. I originally mounted it upside down with the hand pump facing down and it extended while riding.

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  • Luli79

    This is a good mini-pump for throwing in your hydro pack. Does its job effectively and efficiently, and for the $15 pricepoint it is right on for the money!

    Compact, light, and efficient.


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  • flamingotter

    At 15 bucks this pump is worth every cent. It does what it supposed to do and does it well. However, my next pump will be one that has a flexalbe tube, so that it can be supported on the ground while pumping.

    Pump is small, light, and pumps efficiently. The mount provided works well with the bottle cage mounting screws. Brings tires to desired presure quickly and is capable of 90psi.

    Velcro strap broke on the 3rd ride. I replaced it with a velcro wire tie, works great. As with all of these types of pumps, its hard to support the pump at the valve stem while pumping. I have bent a couple of presta valves while pumping.

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