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#15 out of 75 Flat Pedals
Brand: Azonic
Tags: platform

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  • heathberg23

    Highly recommended although I see there is now a new version using different pegs, so I can't speak for how they perform.

    Even with inferior shoes on (aka boots/trail shoes/etc) these pedals have great grip. They are quite wide so you feel very secure and they put up with lots of abuse without suffering much damage (I haven't even lost one original peg after 9 years!). Even the bearings haven't failed after plenty of rain/snow rides under their belt. I can't imagine needing clip on pedals after using these.

    They will absolutely tear you up if you happen to miss/slip off the pedal. Calves and shins beware!

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  • dozzerboy

    If you need a cheap pair of flats for practice, give these a go. At $35, you don't have much to lose.

    These can be found for WAAAAY cheaper than the old MSRP listed on the review page. Try $30 if you find a sale. They take a beating and keep going. Easy to overhaul.

    Tons of thinner and lighter options on the market now.

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  • eborre

    a great all around light pedal with a sturdy quality feel

    sturdy construction,made to last,great grip with street shoes

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