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  • stumpyfsr   ✓ supporter

    Ive been using these brakes almost for a year with zero problem. First, it's quiet. And powerful more then enough to control my 29er on steep downhills. A bit pricey but worth every penny invested. Some people don't like Avid in general, but personally myself satisfied and will recommend it to a friend

    Powerful, great modulation, on the fly lever adjustment, quiet, smooth, sweet looking

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  • tyonkers

    I have not noticed the same problems as other people have. I find I do have to bleed them at least once a year. I use these on my 29er and have had no problems. They do require frequent bleeding.

    light and easy to adjust.

    require annual bleeding.

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  • dubinjs

    i have had a good experience with these brakes as long as i have been using them. I do not have any other disk brakes to compare them to though. The adjustments, although made often, are easy so I do not mind so much.

    smooth, active, and responsive braking. good looking and easily adjustable.

    rotars bend easily. adjustments need to be made often.

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  • Slow

    After dealing with these I would not recommend them. There are better brake designs using common parts that are easier to bleed and work on for more reliable operation.

    Very good looking, clean design. Easy adjustment at the lever for reach and contact. Very light.

    The caliper end requires a specific hose with a fitting that is crimped on. Also, for my 29er, the stock rear hose was too short. I had to buy the "long" hose to get these properly installed.

    The lever reach seems to fade on very bumpy runs. I've bled them three times and they still fade on rough terrain. However, they come right back after a few minutes of smooth rolling???

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