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Brand: Avid

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  • nvrenf

    YouTube instructions and this kit. Easy. Great results.

    Very affordable these days

    Multi step process... getting the bubbles out of the fluid before bleeding the lines is key to success.

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  • rsb201

    It's rathe expensive for what you get. If you work on your own equipment and own avid brakes, it's a must to own. I struggled to get all the air out and ended up having to bleed front and rear 3 times. Once you figure it out, works well.

    Save you money DIY


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  • slipfinger

    Once you know how to bleed Avid brakes they are easy. The kit itself is not really the issue, but having to de-gas the fluid is a pain in the ass. Make sure that when you store the kit you un-clip the little red clips on the tubing or you will permanently pinch the tubing. If this does happen go and buy a package of aquarium tubing from Walmart of a couple buck and your set for years. I have found that hard plastic of the pro model holds up a little better then the regular bleed kit but other then that not worth the extra money.

    Easy once you figure out how to do it.

    Tubing gets pinched easily.
    degassing can give you issues, because the syringes flex a little and allow air to get by the plunder. The pro kit does not do this.

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  • leedaddy

    shoot juice up ya brake lines like a junkie. gives you the power to stop

    filling the needle getting the air out and bleeding my codes.so easy my 10yo could do it

    air bubbles.youll eventually get em

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