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  • eaglehawk101

    I LOVE these grips. My hands are always cold, especially in the first 15-20 minutes of a ride. These grips have solved that problem -- I didn't even need pogies on a day that was minus-7 Celsius with wind chill to double that. The wiring is really easy to install. One tip -- put a dab of silicone over the wire where it attaches to the grips. That way, no moisture will get in.

    They aren't cheap, but they're a GREAT investment. I'd rather pay for these than to buy a pair of fat-bike specific winter gloves from 45Nrth.

    Read about them here: http://www.amegrips.com/mountainbikeheated/heated-mtb-ergo-tri-0

    - Six temperature settings from 90 to 130 degrees F.
    - Visual indicator for setting level.
    - Easy to install.
    - Battery has lasted 2:25 already at setting two and three.
    - Perfect for fat bikes.

    - Expensive ... as far as grips go.
    - Thinner grip than I prefer, but it's warm, so who cares!
    - Best to install on carbon bars. The grips stay warmer that way and your frame doesn't become a heat sink.

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