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Q: What mountain bike does Alex rims come on dorky people

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  • AJ711

    These came standard on my Focus Dog Fish and I've had them the entire time. I've put probably close to 1000 miles on them since I bought the bike (many years of not riding in there, it should be MUCH MORE), and I've never had any issues with them. I don't take them off any huge jumps or drops, and I generally try not to charge headlong into root/rock gardens. They've done a good job and held up their end of the bargain in keeping me on the trails.

    Have held up well to all sorts of abuse, with only minor truing required.

    Can't run tubeless, even if I wanted to give it a shot.

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  • Greg Heil   ✓ supporter

    I've been using these rims for several months now, and despite their weight I have been very pleased with them. These rims have proven to be solid in all conditions. I have had some issues with my spokes loosening up, as I now have a lot of flex in my wheels. It is possible (probable) that they were never properly tightened to begin with. One more thing to go to the bike shop for....

    Dirt Cheap!


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