Agawa Canyon Agawa Canyon Boreal 21 saw

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  • shawnmoore1

    Don't even hesitate to buy this saw. It is worth every penny of its price.

    I finally got the opportunity to use this saw after carrying it around and hoping to find an excuse to use it! A small sapling (4-5 in diameter) was leaning across the trail and was just the volunteer I was looking for. I broke out the saw and set to cutting the tree down at the base. I was taken aback by how quickly the saw bit through the tree, sawdust flying, and in short order (under a minute) I was through the tree. I then took the time to cut it up into manageable pieces and each cut was pure joy like only a well made tool can impart to its user. This is by far the best saw I have used in years of trail work!

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  • shawnmoore1

    This review covers my first impressions of this tool and on that basis alone, I highly recommend it. Having seen non-frame style folding saws have issues with blades bending and having less than ideal cutting power, this foldable, packable frame style saw is a win. I will offer further reviews upon use and a longer term review to discuss long-term issues if any arise.

    I was looking for a packable saw to carry in my bag during backcountry riding on trails that don't see a lot of maintenance after catching a branch across the face one too many times. This saw caught my attention but I balked at the price and ended up getting a similar saw from Gerber. Big mistake! The Gerber arrived and I tested opening it and locking the blade in place only to have the spindly, bent metal hook that provided tension to the blade, snap and going flying across my kitchen floor on the first attempt. Close examination of the part showed just what a weak link in the product design it was. I immediately returned that saw and punched the order button on the Agawa Canyon.

    The Boreal 21 arrived and it immediately impresses with how substantial of a product it is. It is well designed and built and has an impressive feel in your hand that only a quality tool can provide. The blade locking system is simple and doesn't suffer from the same puniness factor that saw the Gerber version fail on the first try. The blade is more impressive as well, and looks capable of some serious wood cutting when the need arises.

    None to speak of, although some may consider the price to be a negative, but the satisfaction of saving money will lose out to the unhappiness due to poor quality!

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