Azonic Outlaw MTB Wheel Review

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February 22, 2018
Model/Year: 2013

Pros: Good price

Cons: Hubs bad engineering design will not last , cant handle the torque when climbing did buy the set of wheels from bike bling went bad Azonic exchanged the rear wheel and end up having de same problem with the hub. Contactes Azonic customer service and they denied the warranty. Must of mi rides are cross country my weight 210lb.

Recommendation: Don't waist your money rear hubs are bad.

July 17, 2014
Model/Year: 2014 Azonic Outlaw Green Anodized

Pros: TOUGH!!! Look great

Cons: What's a little weight?

Recommendation: I'm hard on things, because I like to push, not because I don't take care of them. These wheels are solid and look great. Comes with the axle conversion for forks, NOT for the rear like 142x12. Very solid set. Could see a new rear hub later down the road. Also, running Gorilla tape with Stan's sealant using Maxxis Ardent EXO 2.4's. Holds great and the Gorilla tape is better than Stan's tape. Really not that much of a weight gain. If the weight difference sets you back, then you need to own it up. Highly recommended if you 're a solid rider and need a tough set.

December 11, 2012
Pros: Solid, wide, affordable, bomb proof, convert to tubeless easily

Cons: heavy, poor hubs

Recommendation: I've put these things through the ringer for about a year now and they're still straight as an arrow. They're nice and wide (32mm) which makes them super stable and blows up your tires allowing more tread to actually touch the ground. I wish they came with better hubs but for 300 bucks I just can't complain.

February 15, 2012
Pros: Awesome, built for punishment, conversion kits...

Cons: None

Recommendation: I've had these for about 4 years and have really abused them. I shudder to admit this but I've only trued them a couple of times but they just keep going strong. I live in area that is really rocky so add the weekly abuse of rocks bouncing off them. I am telling you these things rule.

November 29, 2010
Pros: Strength, conversion kit, colors, weight

Cons: none yet

Recommendation: I have been riding these since Azonic started shipping them and I have not found an issue yet. I ride there both all-mountain and for DH riding on several different bikes. The conversion kit that comes with the wheelset definitely sets it apart from most. That and the PRICE. You cannot beat the price.

March 22, 2010
Pros: strength, speed, weight

Cons: noise

Recommendation: excellent wheels. everyone is complaining about the weight but they're just about the same as the bontrager's that came on my trek and WAY STRONGER. my only gripe is that the back hub is really loud. other than that they're solid!

October 20, 2009
Pros: Arguably the best wheel set you can buy for the money. Tougher than cheap steak

Cons: They could use more contact points in the free hub, but that's digging.

Recommendation: I am running these on both my gravity and my pedal bike. I would highly recommend them to anyone who punishes wheelsets. Other wheelsets I have owned tend to be hexagonal after a season of riding. I don’t know or care about weight or energy savings. I demand predictable and reliable from my components and these have not let me down.

They have handled the constant and nasty rock gardens at Diablo, NJ and Sol Vista, Co, Indy Car inspired tracks at Winter Park, Co and in Switzerland. A great wheelset should go unnoticed and these do. After three years there is just starting to be a slight bit of grinding in one hub bearing. You only notice it when the hub is apart for re-packing. The only time I have felt the need to true is after a particularly nasty crash. I bent the rim once on a very nasty landing where I came up short on gap with a square edged rock starting the landing zone. I can't imagine any rim standing up to that. I have had no problems since.

Another set is finishing its second year on my pedal bike. This is my bike that takes the surly rock gardens at Pueblo, Grand Junction, Fruita and Moab. They are still completely round and true enough for me. There have been a few times in very technical pedal situations I wish there were a few more contact points in the free hub system. I can say that about every other wheelset. I have owned.

June 4, 2009
Pros: Very very solid, very well built, and exceptional value. Great all around aggressive riding or for the clydesdale rider

Cons: If you are concerned about weight, then these are not for you.

Recommendation: Great wheels by far for just about any aggressive riding, especially for the value.

January 13, 2009
Pros: Very solid!!! The rigid double wall design really adds to the design and contsruction quality of the wheel. Great selection of color styles for those who want to trick their rig out. Makes for some serious MTB bling. The hubs are very smooth, but yet like an amplified rolling noise that lets you know its all good.

Cons: They are a bit on the heavy side. Haven't had a problem yet, but the idea of an aluminum hub body/casing doesn't sound the best.

Recommendation: I got the new white & black ones for 2009. Probably some of the best wheels that you could get for less than $300.

October 2, 2008
Pros: Very strong, well built and you can have them either 20mm or regular 9mm front..They give you both kits.

Cons: weight....If your concern is weight....Maybe something else

Recommendation: A great wheel set which can take a beating and then some. These can be used as a good all mountain wheel set. With sealed bearings and a strong freewheel these wheels hold up. Tire choices that fit this wheel range from 2.2 up to 2.5 i haven't tried anything bigger than that. But this wheel set rocks. Half the money compared to a equivalent of another manufacture.