Bell Platinum Series Self Sealing Tube Tube Review

4.33 out of 5
Weight: 436 grams
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Q: can you pump air into it with a regular air pump -Guest

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December 3, 2015
Pros: works well.

Recommendation: good product if you cannot go tubeless.

August 18, 2014
Pros: Almost no flats

Cons: Little heavier...

Recommendation: So I have run these tubes since Ive known they existed (like 10 years). Ive never had a flat on the trail with these. Got a new bike, first ride BAM blew the tire...should have replaced the factory tubes with these. Went on a ride recently where I heard that lovely whooshing of air out of your tire...twice. The whooshing stopped in 5 seconds, I kept riding. Maybe its a east coast thing, we have thorns everywhere. I can't see not running slimed tubes.

January 14, 2014
Model/Year: Self Sealing / 2014

Pros: Hold up great in rocky terrain and thick brush . I had a locus thorn stuck in my tire and didn't know till I got done with 4 mile ride. Pulled out the thorn and it still has full pressure today. That was two weeks ago.

Cons: None yet !

Recommendation: Fore the price high recommendations

Bell Platinum Series Self Sealing Tube 4.33 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.