Yakima KingJoe 3 Vehicle Rack Review

4.00 out of 5
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Yakima Yakima KingJoe Pro 3

November 5, 2016
Model/Year: 2016

Pros: Affordable, adaptable, sturdy if installed correctly

Cons: I bought this to use on rental cars, it works well, once installed, you cannot open the trunk or hatchback.

Recommendation: if you cannot afford a hitch rack, this may be a good option.

September 17, 2014
Model/Year: Kingjoe 3

Pros: Lightweight
Good Support

Cons: Somewhat difficult to install.
The red snaps that you pull up to adjust the angle of the supports are cheap (I was expecting better quality)

Recommendation: Overall I would say this is an okay rack. It definitely gets the job done, and I do not have to worry about my bikes being secure. It's not a bad buy for the money.

December 30, 2011
Model/Year: Yakima King Joe 2

Pros: Fits virtually every vehicle. It fits on my little Chevy Malibu and my Jeep with little alteration between the two. Goes on easy too! I am very happy with the stability as well. I do a lot of interstate travel with my bike and it does not seem to budge in high winds. It is relatively small and should fit in your trunk when not in use. I like the option to close the pads in my trunk too. Comes with two built-in bottle openers!

Cons: It is a tad cumbersome to put on, but if you can't get your rack on your car maybe you should find a different sport.

Recommendation: Love this rack! I recommend this rack to anyone who, like myself, does not want to mess around with a roof rack. I purchased the King Joe 2 so I cannot technically attest to the qualities of the King Joe 3. I assume they're the same.

December 6, 2010
Pros: rubber straps are strong & elastic to wrap around frame
strong to hold 2 bikes, haven't tried with 3

Cons: a little hard to install w/ 1 person bc of straps you have to use to tie down rack

Recommendation: enough padding for protection of car
good brand reputation
bought on sale for 90 bucks