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Q: I have the single bike 1upusa rack and wanted to add three single rack attachments so I can carry a total of 4 bikes. Technically, this is against 1upUSA recommendations. To carry 4 bikes they advise needing to use the double rack plus 2 add ons to carry a total of 4 bikes. If my bikes are fairly light, am I safe carrying 4 bikes using the single rack and three add ons? They say you should only have 2 places where the racks are joined by bolts, not 3. Thoughts? -Guest

A: Hi, I was wondering the same thing and wanted to see if you ever gave it a try. My plan was to start with the super duty single (2" only reciever) and make it for 4 bikes. My bikes are all under 30lbs and the 4th bike would be my daughters Micro BMX (17lbs).

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1up USA Single Super Duty Quick Rack

November 20, 2017
Model/Year: 1017 3 up

Pros: This is a beautifully designed and manufactured rack. On and off the hitch in 30 seconds (really). 3rd bike can be added to 2Up in 30 seconds. Bike goes on and off easily.

Cons: None

Recommendation: I looked at every other rack. Built to last. I am so glad that I bought this rack. Highly recommend it.

July 6, 2016
Pros: Doesn't touch your frame, all metal construction, fits anything from a road bike to a five inch fat bike, easy and quick on and off of the bikes. I could go on.

Cons: None

Recommendation: One of the few bike related products of used that truly earns a five star rating. As a bike guide, I've used nearly every kind of bike rack made, the 1up is easily the best.

March 28, 2016
Pros: Weight Folds to store Quick loading Adjusts to different bike sizes

Cons: A bit pricey Lacks integrated lock for bikes

Recommendation: Superb rack best I've owned

March 16, 2016
Model/Year: 1up USA quick-rack 2014

Pros: Style
Ease of use
Compactness when folded up
Footprint when off vehicle
Update 7/31/2016
Will hold 27 bike without any add on parts

Cons: It's pricey but it's well worth it.

Recommendation: It's the last rack I'll be buying. I've had the THULE T2 2" which was ok and was replaced by a Kuat which was terrible.

July 9, 2015
Pros: Made in USA, great warranty, carries all types of bikes, even fat bikes with add-on.

Cons: Cost

Recommendation: I love this rack. I usually bike by myself so it was nice having a rack that's not overly bulky but I have the add on for a second bike that fits easily in my small trunk and bolts on without extra tools in a min. I wouldn't hesitate to by this rack again. I ordered and did flat rate shipping and got it the next day!

December 19, 2013
Model/Year: Hitch Quik Rack

Pros: Hitch mount. Quality construction. Foldable. Holds bike steady.

Cons: Slight rattle when arms folded flat. One bike only (as sold).

Recommendation: I shopped around for a while before deciding on this rack. I made the right choice. This thing is so simple and you can tell it isn't mass produced and that some quality craftsmanship went into the product. When it's on the car it can fold into the bumper, and when off the car it can fold into a such a small footprint, you can just throw it in the trunk. It holds bikes well and i love that it doesn't touch any parts of the frame. The hitch ball lock works well, but i am skeptical that it could come loose as it is held by pressure only. Would be nice to have that peace of mind! I would recommend this hitch rack over any other you may have been considering.

October 16, 2013
Model/Year: 1up USA Quick-Rack/2013

Pros: Super easy setup
Stores easy/modular
Stadium bike seating so your rack never bottoms out on the ground
Made in USA
Excellent Customer Service
Aluminum - no rust
No toolbox required
Fits all wheel sizes (26/29 etc.)
Most elegant bike rack I have seen period.

Cons: None - it's my favorite rack of all times.

Recommendation: 1Up Quick Rack is the way to go.

April 20, 2013
Pros: Does everything as advertised. Holds the bike securely without rubbing the frame; it is so easy to load and remove your bikes; little to no wobble. Since it is modular, you can scale down when you need to. I have never tried more than two at a time so I can't say for certain, but I expect the wobble is higher with 3 .

Cons: Expensive! But worth the investment if you ride mtn and road bikes. Sometimes operation of the arm is sticky. It seems heavy, so it might be hard for a small person to carry a double rack.

Recommendation: Best rack ever! I'll never buy another brand (and probably won't need to!).