Park CN-10 Cable Cutter Tool Review

4.89 out of 5
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March 27, 2016
Model/Year: 2015

Pros: comfortable, sharp & stout

Cons: none yet

Recommendation: Definitely

March 16, 2016
Pros: Super sharp, feels good in your hand, spring loaded.

Cons: none

Recommendation: this tool will last longer than you unless you recable your bike every day.

March 15, 2016
Pros: Cuts through cables like butter, has a cable-end-crimper that works really well

Recommendation: This is a must-have for anyone doing cable work at home. I have yet to find a cable-cutter that offers the value of this one, and not for lack of trying.

December 19, 2013
Model/Year: 2013

Pros: Very strong, well made

Cons: A bit pricey

Recommendation: I have only used them a few times so far but it leaves a nice flush cut with no burs on the cable and housing. My LBS has used there pair for years. I'm sold

December 15, 2013
Model/Year: 2013

Pros: Good Clean cuts

Cons: None yet

Recommendation: I bought this to replace my own shifter/brake cables and housings and it has worked awesome so far.

August 17, 2013
Model/Year: na

Pros: Does a great job at cutting shifting housing cleanly. Nearly all shops use this one. Long lasting cutter.

Cons: none

Recommendation: Highly recommend this cutter. Cuts clean, works as intended and will remain sharp for a good long while. A very solid feeling cutting.

December 18, 2012
Pros: - Cuts cables and housing cleanly and evenly, with minimal effort
- Durable and well built
- Well designed and thoughtful layout

Cons: - Price, $50 is pretty steep for a pair of cutters

Recommendation: It has remained a consistent and precise as the day 1. Park Tool hit a homerun, performance wise, with this one. As long as you use the cutter for only its intended purposes you'll have it for years.

It's time to put away those wire cutters and get something that will actual do the job properly.

December 16, 2012
Pros: Clean cuts, cut housing and cables easily, jaw design

Recommendation: These cutters are great especially if you run mechanical brakes. Regular cable cutters seem to leave the ends of cables frayed, but these do not nearly as badly. The jaw design also forces the cable or housing to stay in the jaws rather than slipping as they cut.

December 15, 2012
Pros: Cutting

Cons: None

Recommendation: Great solid pair of cutter for cables and housing. Probably the best out there. Stay sharp for 18 months of constant use.

December 1, 2012
Model/Year: 2012

Pros: Good price, quality tool, and works.

Cons: casing cutter was just shy of perfect cuts (if thats really a con).

Recommendation: Picked this tool up so I could start doing my own cable and casing changes. I have done a hand full of cable changes for friends and myself. Using this tool, it has been very easy. The wire cutter is spot on; however, the casing cutter is usually less than perfect. Overall, a great tool and one of the cheapest cable/crimping tools on the market.