Park BBT-22 Bottom Bracket Tool Tool Review

4.80 out of 5
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March 21, 2016
Model/Year: 2014

Pros: Durable...will last forever

Cons: Expensive for a little piece of metal

Recommendation: If you service your own will need this if your BB requireso one.

March 28, 2015
Model/Year: BBT-22 Bottom Bracket Tool

Pros: Simple to use, fits deep and secure in retainer ring splines, tough, easy to clean, useable with wrench or socket, or insert a 3/8 drive ratchet handle into the square hole.

Cons: none

Recommendation: Clean your bottom bracket well before attempting to remove the retainer ring. This will help the tool to fit properly and work correctly.

December 21, 2012
Pros: Simple and usable with both open wrenches and a socket set.

Cons: must be used with proper technique to prevent stripping of teeth on BB.

Recommendation: Easy to use and well built just like any good tool should be.

December 19, 2012
Pros: -Does it's job
-Option of using a wrench or a socket driver
-Heavy duty

Cons: -One expensive chunk of metal

Recommendation: This thing is pricey but works great and had a solid connection to the bottom bracket teeth so stripping isn't a worry.

December 17, 2012
Pros: - does not strip the locking ring
- fit the slots nice and firmly
- fits deep enough that it doesn't instantly fall out with preasure.

Recommendation: This tool is easy to use and easy to clean. If seated correctly it should never strip out.