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March 15, 2016
Model/Year: Brush-X

Pros: I suspect the origins of the Brush-X cleaning brush came from all the boys and girls playing with cyclocross bikes in the mud. Brush-X is a stiff brush that connects to your standard hose and allows water to flow through the brush as you wash your bike. The Brush-X comes with 6 feet of hose. The brush is stiff enough for cleaning your chain rings and soft enough not to damage the finish on your frame. Brush-X ( http://brush-x.publishpath.com ) is a great way to keep your bike clean and ready to go.

Modifications I made: I use a standard 5 gal bucket, a small 12 volt water pump that I wired to a trailer hitch connector and now when I go on multi day bike trips I can still wash my bike. System works great. Fill the bucket with soapy water, connect the 12v pump to my tailer connector, screw the Brush-X on and start washing. Bike is ready for the next day and your buddies are amazed.

Cons: Upgrades I would like to see: I wish Brush-X came with a shutoff valve. I picked up a standard hose shutoff valve at the local hardware store so it isn't a big deal but it would be nice to have one included. The shutoff valve not only shuts off the water when you don't need it but also allows you to adjust the water pressure for your bike's sensitive areas! I also wish Brush-X was offered in two versions: the standard straight version and also a a 45 or 90 degree bent version.

Recommendation: Bikes aren't cheap! The better you take care of them the better they will take care of you, the longer they will last and the better a rider you will be. The Brush-X is simple and easy and makes cleaning your bike easy.

March 15, 2016
Model/Year: RWC Suspension Press Tool

Pros: If you love tools, love quality and think tools are not only functional but also can be a work of art, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, go to or ook at ANY RWC Real World Cycle Tools, if you do, your wallet and your bank account will quickly vaporize before you eyes! I recently picked up RWC's fork suspension tool and it is so overkill it is ridiculous and I absolutely love it! I am a big fan of doing all the work on my bikes. After a ride, I clean and work on my bike like some people go to church or meditate. The RWC Fork Seal Press is a work of art. Load the wiper and fork seals onto the press and just slide them on to your fork. It is easy, it is quick and it is impossible to damage your fork or not get everything square. RWC has a selection of tools and bike parts, if the quality of this tool is any indication of the rest of their offerings, I need to talk to my bank about a second mortgage. RWC website is: http://www.enduroforkseals.com/index.html

Cons: Doesn't come in a case! I try to keep ALL my tools mobile for when I take trips. You never know when you will need them.

Recommendation: If you love tools and do all the work on your own bike, RWC makes the nicest tools I have ever seen.