Panaracer Dart Tire Review

4.20 out of 5
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December 13, 2012
Pros: - provides excelent control
- very inexpensive
- very durable
- sticks a line line a champ!

Cons: - have become very hard to find even online.. manf. stop making them?

Recommendation: Put this tire up front with a Smoke in the rear and you will not regret it. I ran this combo for 2 full seasons on a hardtail then put them on a new FS for half the third season before I put on a more expensive tire. I have never had a single tire last thet long much less a pair! They are cheep so even if they didn't last as long as they did it would not break my heart to replace a $15 tire! With this tire in the front you can pick a line and stick it with confidence.

November 29, 2010
Pros: F/R specific design, price,

Cons: not easy to find (or maybe thats just me)

Recommendation: Great tire. Good wear, great traction, F/R specific design makes this and a Smoke a classic choice for a reason.

February 19, 2009
Pros: Great value, good performance, tried and true, Great for the all-around rider, I like F / R specific pairing

Cons: The price tag is too low! haha... You'll be shunned by bike-snobs! J/K

Recommendation: Paired up with the Smoke on the rear wheel, the Dart adds to an unbeatable match for great performance, all conditions preparation, and value($10). I've owned more expensive tires and I actually had to learn to trust the front-end again when I put the Dart on because my last front tire would jack-knife or washout where the DART holds on strong! The tread pattern really works great in turns and on off-camber sections of trail, especially with roots. This tire has restored my confidence conditions that can sometimes be sketchy. As you know, the most common config is to pair it with the Panaracer Smoke on the rear wheel.

September 12, 2005
Recommendation: Still a great tire, even after all the years that it's been out. I recently stopped using it only because I decided to go to a pinch-flat resistant tire.

August 20, 2005
Recommendation: Good wear, a little heavy for size