Maxxis High Roller Tire Review

5.00 out of 5
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June 26, 2016
Pros: Grip, Grip, Grip
Look Sweet

Cons: Weight
Rolling resistance

Recommendation: I run this on the back behind a high roller 2 on the front. Love hate relationship, coming from a small block 8 these are heavier and don't climb as easy because of it (hate) then point me down the hill and watch out because these things Rip! (love) they handle great and have no problems in loose stuff. The 3c compound is SO tacky

December 21, 2012
Pros: Grip
Ramped knobs

Cons: Weight

Recommendation: One of the best known tires in the freeride clique. Been used by almost all freeriders at one point in their life. It grips like no ones business and the ramped knobs help keep the rolling resistance to a minimum.