Gravity Dropper Classic Seatpost Review

5.00 out of 5
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December 26, 2016
Model/Year: 2016

Pros: -mechanical -tough -fits a whole lotta seat tube sizes

Cons: -heavier -a little hard to get used to

Recommendation: I recommend this dropper post to anyone who wants a dropper post that will not fail on them or fail and leave them in the down position far from home. The mechanical style is durable, and can be manually operated when the spring fails. Also, people who have bikes with weird seat tube sizes will love this product. Gravity Dropper either has a size or shims for literally any seat tube size you can think of. My seat tube size was 26.8, and they had a dropper post to fit it. That said, make room for a 3-ride long adjustment period. Adjustment to this post takes longer than others, but it is well worth the weight. Overall, the Gravity Dropper Classic is a really great product, and anyone can enjoy the freedom of a dropper post on it.