WTB Rocket V Stealth Saddle Review

4.20 out of 5
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December 15, 2012
Pros: Light for the amount of padding on board.

Cons: Love it or hate it shape. The whale tail just doesn't feel right for me.

Recommendation: Try this one out before you buy it. That goes for any saddle but ESPECIALLY this one. The scooped rear began to annoy me on longer rides and really didn't do much to take pressure off my underparts any more than a properly fitting and broken in saddle without the extra padding and whale tail. Well made, just a bad personal fit; hence the 3 rating.

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December 1, 2010
Pros: wieght, styling, stiched embroidery, climbing platform increases power. size. taint saver.

Cons: cost

Recommendation: I have the SLT which ios a bit lighter having the tinanium rails, but its the same seat otherwise. I just converted over to this one from the Pure V for a stronger power platform, weight, and durability. Very happy so far. Just wish it was cheaper.

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May 25, 2010
Pros: Fit & finish, weight.

Cons: just didn't feel right compared to my sella italia flight and specialized avatar. It's only about 1/2" shorter, but I notice the difference when riding. The cushion is thicker in the back. It's like a door stop- holds you in place. I'm used to sliding forward/backward very often.

Recommendation: Good saddle. But not for me.

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January 8, 2010
Pros: Unbelievable combination of light weight and comfort.

Cons: None

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May 16, 2009
Pros: Relatively light. Well padded. Tail bone cutout for your "taint". Abrasion guards on the corners. Drop nose.

Cons: Price.

Recommendation: Not a bad saddle all in all. A bit on the pricey side if you get the higher models. The upsloping tail is supposed to allow the rider to change sit bone pressure throughout the ride but for me it was just aggrivating.

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November 25, 2008
Pros: A Great saddle, light, sturdy, comfortable

Cons: NONE

Recommendation: It's not like WTBs best saddle ever the SST98 but it's close. Proper padding and the V takes the edge off the nerves down there. nose is good for this steep long climbs that warrant that portion of the saddle for leverage. Get one you wont regret it.

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September 15, 2008
Pros: Makes a great saddle! Light and fairly comfy and not to wide so to get chaffed.

Cons: Price!!

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August 31, 2008
Pros: Comfortable AND light!

Cons: A little pricey (but worth every penny).

Recommendation: The perfect saddle.

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August 31, 2008
Pros: Comfortable! Still sleek enough to slide your butt off the back end when going down steep stuff. Very durable.

Cons: Can be a little slippery at times??? Haven't figured this out.....

Recommendation: Nice saddle for long rides.

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October 8, 2007
Pros: Light weight, plus one of the most comfortable saddles in the minimalist saddle designs out there in my opinion. I`m digging the little flip up "whale tail" too!

Cons: Price, if it had cost less, I would have given it a 5 rating.

Recommendation: This saddle was a revelation when I switched from my old standby, the Selle Italia Flite saddle. You have to give kudos to WTB on this saddle design, a great XC saddle with emphasis on comfort.

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WTB Rocket V Stealth 4.20 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.