Blackburn Mammoth Pump Review

4.11 out of 5
By Jeff Barber    on Dec 8, 2008

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March 26, 2016
Pros: Great pump i carry this all the time.

Cons: None

Recommendation: Get one. You might need it.

March 15, 2016
Pros: Great in emergencies

Cons: Doesn't have a gauge

Recommendation: Works well in a pinch and stores easily

December 21, 2013
Model/Year: 2010

Pros: Lifetime warranty, so you can continue to have hope. Also customer service is good.

Cons: Broke as soon as I tried to use it. Got replacement parts and it broke after three of four uses. Total garbage.

Recommendation: Don't get it.

December 21, 2012
Pros: Cheap. Will eventually fill up your tire.

Cons: Hope you brought along a replacement arm or two once you finally have to use this thing. SLOW. No PSI gauge.

Recommendation: I had the misfortune of having to bum Goldengoose's pump several times while riding to fill up tubes. It takes FOREVER and you have to guess the PSI with the old squeeze test. Do yourself a favor and get a CO2 regulator or, better yet, go tubeless!

August 3, 2011
Pros: Sturdy design.
Lockon feature for the pump head.
Pumps up tires quickly for a hand pump.

Cons: None yet.

Recommendation: This pump easily gets my tires to 40 PSI.

December 6, 2010
Pros: very light
small size to fit in pack

Cons: no cage holder
no hose attachment

Recommendation: larger handle,
powerful for size

December 5, 2010
Pros: Great little pump that doesn't weigh a lot and doesn't break the bank

Cons: None

Recommendation: Like I said in the "pros" section: this little pump just does it's job. It won't weigh your pack down too much, it is small and compact, and the pricing is very reasonable at $20. This is a solid little handpump.

March 8, 2010
Pros: Small and light with decent volume. Can't beat a life time warranty!

Cons: Wobbles on Presta heads but that's easily remedied with proper hand placement. Wish it had a built in gauge to measure PSI kinda like the ones they make for cars.

Recommendation: A sweet little pump that gets the job done without taking 20 mintues out of your ride to pump the tire. A couple of tweaks to the design and this would easily be 5 star.

June 9, 2009
Pros: Lightweight, compact, and pumps tires up quickly without hassles.

Cons: None yet

Recommendation: If you want a real sweet hand pump that gives no hassle, this is the one for you.

April 13, 2009
Pros: lightweight, compact, smooth action, great grip.

Cons: None so far

Recommendation: Great pump, easy to use on the trail. Even use it at home.