Blackburn Mammoth 2Stage Pump Review

4.00 out of 5
By Jeff Barber    on Dec 8, 2008

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March 26, 2016
Pros: Great pump.

Cons: None

Recommendation: Need at least one of these Blackburn types of pumps in your bag. Get one.

February 24, 2015
Model/Year: 2015

Pros: the twist lock works really well
high pressure

Cons: kinda stocky
no handle is not the most comfortable but it works and is sturdy

Recommendation: I'm happy with the pump. If you have a wide range of tires you want to use a small pump on, this would be a great one.
I use it on my mtb and take it with me on my motorcycle.

December 10, 2010
Pros: Small and light weight. Does the job well. I don't expect it to be able to pump up huge tires in short time.

Recommendation: Buy it if you're looking for a compact and light emergency pump.

December 5, 2008
Pros: Smooth action, compact size and shape, lightweight.

Cons: Much slower than the classic Mammoth pump. High volume / high pressure settings don't seem to make much difference. Tough to grip - this thing needs a handle like the classic!

Recommendation: Admittedly I haven't used this pump on a super fat tire yet (29er or otherwise) but on a regular old 26x2.10 this pump didn't perform as well as the classic Mammoth. The switch seems a bit gimmicky to me - air volume wasn't noticeably greater on the low pressure setting. Skip this pump unless you rock 29-inch wheels on your Pugsley.

Blackburn Mammoth 2Stage 4.00 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.