Shimano M540 Pedals Review

4.55 out of 5
Weight: 352 grams
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May 15, 2014
Model/Year: ?

Pros: always works well and for years at a time.

Cons: little heavy

Recommendation: Get them if you need a pair and aren't weight worried

October 28, 2013
Pros: Price, ease of adjustment and use.

Cons: None so far

Recommendation: Great beginners pedal

April 27, 2011
Model/Year: M540

Pros: rebuildable, mud shedding design, adjustable tension, easy to clip in and out.

Cons: When you set the tension to the lowest, you can accidentally clip out of the pedal.

Recommendation: I use this in combination with the multi release cleats(SH56) and set the pedal to the lowest tension. Never fell off the bike even as a first time clipless user. really easy to clip in and out of. i might adjust the tension a little bit harder to minimize accidental clipping out.

would recommend this pedal in combination of the multi release cleats if you're a beginner.

BTW, this pedal would require an 8MM allen wrench to install.

March 31, 2011

Model/Year: 2011

Pros: The ability to adjust the tightness! Love these!

Cons: I was unable to unclip a couple times and fell pretty hard, this could be due to my lack of experience with this type of pedals or they could be too tight.

Recommendation: Get these, they are awesome!

November 30, 2010
Pros: Great performing, long-lasting pedal. Rebuildable.

Cons: None.

Recommendation: I'd buy these again. Not Shimano's top of the line, but I don't notice.

April 5, 2009
Pros: Reliable, inexpensive, don't have to think about them. Easy to clip in, even when packed with mud or ice.

Cons: None

Recommendation: I have used these pedals on my past two bikes and will continue. Solid, reliable pedals.

August 31, 2008
Pros: This is the epitome of a standard quality/standard price procuct. Nothing fancy or bling, just solid performance in most conditions. Long-lasting and trouble-free.

Cons: Heavier than most clipless. Retains mud.

Recommendation: These came with my first bike. When I bought my next bike, I upgraded. After going through a few pedals, all of which seemed to have some annoying idiosyncrasies, I eventually came back to these un-sexy, but dependable old standbys.

August 21, 2007
Pros: Tuff! Adjustable spring tension, Ease of use.

Cons: None.

Recommendation: I really like these pedals. I have mine on the minimum setting, so I can dab a foot if needed. This is the only clipless pedal I've used. No complaints here.

April 21, 2007
Pros: Easy in, easy out...

Cons: They are difficult to clean, back in by the spring.

Recommendation: They are a very hardy and reliable pedal. The platform is large enough to allow a rider to keep pedaling. even with a failed attempted clip-in.

April 13, 2007
Pros: Very Durable Mud resistant lots of adjustability

Cons: Design, odd shape... NONE

Recommendation: Great for Experienced Riders cause they can tune it right to the mark of what they want. Works with the many shimano parts.