Power Bar Cookies & Cream Bar Nutrition Review

3.27 out of 5
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March 19, 2016
Pros: Easy energy

Cons: Dry and hard to put down when thirsty

Recommendation: If it's all you got eat it.

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December 22, 2014
Pros: Nutrition

Cons: Mouth feel.

Recommendation: Back in the 80s, a friend of mine was the rep for PowerBar locally. We'd get boxes at a time. They were one of the only players out there so we ate them all the time. I got so burned out on these bars, I don't think I could eat them now. The C&C flavor is the best, but man, other bars just beat these with the mouth feel. These nearly feel like they've been chewed up, thrown up and then cooked and shaped into bars. I just can't do them. If you like them, great. I don't think there's anything wrong with the bars, just better options available these days.

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December 21, 2012
Pros: -Fairly cheap purchased in bulk
-Edible, but not tasty - Cookies and cream is the best flavor

Cons: -Very strange, chewy consistency

Recommendation: The consistency is hard for me to get over. Reminds me of laffy taffy. Taste isn't good enough to outweigh the weird consistency either.

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December 17, 2012
Pros: Energizing and easy to pack. taste amazing!

Cons: so good that your done with it too quick. and the price isn't as low as some alternative snacks.

Recommendation: I strongly recomend this out on the trail its by far my favorite snack for out on the trail.

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December 16, 2012
Pros: protein, calories

Cons: taste like a meal replacement bar...

Recommendation: These work in a bind for getting necessary nutrition, but they still taste kind of nasty compared to what they advertise.

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December 5, 2010
Pros: decent source of nutrition and energy if eaten well before a ride.

Cons: dont taste very good and dry out your pallet.

Recommendation: Its the original energy bar and it hasnt changed over the past decade. other companies produced superior products

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November 30, 2010
Pros: Easy source of energy.

Cons: Don't taste too good.

Recommendation: While I do like Power Bars, this isn't my favorite flavor. Does give you some need ed energy for long rides though.

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June 3, 2009
Pros: They disappeared quickly

Cons: must have lots of water

Recommendation: like I said they disappeared quickly.

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December 20, 2008
Pros: Some have decent taste.

Cons: Too hard and when cold you could loose a tooth...Very pasty at times

Recommendation: drink lots of water with these they work well however can be heavy.

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July 8, 2006
Recommendation: Great for summer trips, took them skiing once and they froze solid.

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Power Bar Cookies & Cream Bar 3.27 out of 5 based on 12 ratings. 12 user reviews.