Sette Element Mountain Bike Shoe Review

5.00 out of 5
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February 18, 2012
Pros: True and comfortable fit, nice ventilation, decent grip even on the icy trail, pretty stiff. Price is more then acceptable

Cons: No ratchet strap, a bit flexy upper allows feet to play

Recommendation: It's my first pair of specific cycling shoes and hard to write a review. But what I've noticed is that this shoes are made well while materials doesn't look such fancy like on high-end shoes.
I didn't wanted to invest in expensive shoes just in case I won't like clipless at all.
Sole is stiff enough to not feel pedal while pedaling. It provide also decent grip on those hike-a-bike sections. The upper is a bit flexy on the upstroke probably because of Velcro instead of ratchet.
In general I like this shoes and will use 'em till it fall apart - doesn't look like it will happens in the nearest future though. And then I'll get something better. But this is a great choice for those folks like me who wanna try clipless without spending a lot.