Diadora Rove Mountain Bike Shoe Review

5.00 out of 5
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Q: can't seemuch of the sole ... are they sufficiently grippy for muddy terrain? -Guest

A: I can climb walls with out using my hands or my spidy web while wearing these!! These are so grippy you will have a hard time walking becasue they stick to everything like octopus suction cups.

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December 10, 2007
Pros: Comfort: These shoes fit like a comfy pair of hiking shoes, and don't click-clack on hard surfaces. The sole is stiff, but not board stiff, making hike-a-bikes much more comfortable. Efficiency: The sole is stiff enough for good power transfer, and the tread substantial enough for the hike-a-bike up nasty terrain. Price: For the cost and versatility, these shoes are a steal.

Cons: None!

Recommendation: These shoes are perfect for epic rides across varied terrain that require time off the bike. They're also good for quick trips to the grocery store, as extended walking is neither annoying or uncomfortable. The Diadora Rove shoes are very durable. I've worn these shoes almost constantly for two years, and the stitching & material has held strong. Though not XC shoes, I recommend them for everything else.

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