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December 22, 2014
Pros: Great overall bicycling mag
Road focus
Training articles
Nutrition articles
Industry news

Cons: Not much mountain biking

Recommendation: I tend to read this one at the book store and not purchase it. I do like it as the articles on training and nutrition are great. Also, the industry and pro racing news is cool to read. But, mainly it's a roadie pub and I don't ride road so it's usually a one and done on the read. My mountain bike mags I'll re-read over and over and look at pics, etc.

December 16, 2012
Pros: Great read, interesting articles, good nutrient and training insight.

Cons: Added expense, focused more on road cycling

Recommendation: Great read when I have some free time, but its usually more focused on road cycling. It's also an added expense, but a lot of the articles have some cross over benefits.

December 15, 2012
Pros: Good nutrition and fitness based articles. Free subscription with Performance Bike membership.

Cons: The mtb specific coverage is a joke. 99% of it is focused on road bikes and roadie events. 2/3 of the magazine seems like a sales pitch for a new bike and every single bike they review seems to gt positive press. Can every bike really be the next great thing??? REALLY?

Recommendation: If you want to read some cross over articles for your road riding needs or fitness realated riding you'll enjoy some of the issues of this magazine. If you are looking for decent dirt reviews, look elsewhere.

March 15, 2012
Pros: everything about road biking

Cons: no mtbing

Recommendation: good if your a roadie

December 7, 2010
Pros: Good technical content.

Cons: It's mostly for roadies.

Recommendation: I'm not one of those MTB'ers who is also a roadie. I couldn't care less about road anything, so this magazine is a not a good value for my dollar.

However, if you DO shave your legs, this is probably a good mag for you. :D

September 29, 2010
Pros: It is a cycling magazine, the articles are well written and diverse.

Cons: Really doesn't cover mountain biking as much as I would like, but covers mostly road and CX.

Recommendation: Good magazine, kinda biased, pro-UCI, not neccessarily a bad thing, but it does limit the like-ablity of the magazine.

June 1, 2009
Pros: This mag has decent fitness articles, basic riding info, decent stories. Great roadie mag!

Cons: Geared toward roadies

Recommendation: If you want a decent mag covering fitness related articles or geared toward road riding, then this is the one for you.

May 23, 2009
Pros: Decent fitness related articles. Some riding basics information.

Cons: A bit boring and predictable at times. Definitely geared towards the roadie crowd. Few MTB reviews. 90% of the reviews seem more aimed at helping the manufacturers sell their new product rather than actually giving a non biased review of the bike.

Recommendation: An OK magazine if you simply want to read about SOMETHING bike related but not really geared towards the MTB crowd. More time spent "reviewing" (read this as selling)the latest and greatest new item rather than actually talking about riding. The biggest area I rate a bike mag on is whether or not it makes me want to get out and ride my bike when I put the magazine down. This one fails in that area. :(

October 7, 2008
Pros: Good info, lot of stories that are good, some humor overall a good mag.

Cons: It's not Moutain Bike Action.

Recommendation: Great reading for everyone everywhere

February 4, 2008
Pros: Most professional of all the bike mags, good overall coverage of the various scenes (mountain, road, urban, etc.)

Cons: Too much crap about riding for fitness. Predictable and boring articles. Few MTB-specific articles.

Recommendation: Unfortunately I don't have anything else to recommend in place of this mag. I mean, it's one of the better bike mags I've read but it sucks pretty hard. Read websites instead :)