Rock Shox Reba Race MTB Fork Review

4.92 out of 5
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Q: can you tell me the fork leg length please? -Guest

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December 12, 2012
Pros: - dual air
- lightweight
- very durable
- pro pedal lockout
- allows you to stick the line you chose no matter how rough

Cons: Have not found any as of yet

Recommendation: I LOVE this fork. It came stock on my Giant Anthem. I can set it and forget it as I do not have to keep adding air to it even between seasons it holds its air. This fork has taken some serious abuse thruought some of the most technical trails in New England, mosty southern NH. It has seen thousands of miles and still operates as it did the first ride out of the bike shop!

January 1, 2012
Pros: Light weight. Stiff. Good adj. Range.

Cons: None so far? Which is pretty good after riding Fox forx for last several years.

Recommendation: Dig it!

December 10, 2010
Pros: Ride this fork from time to time on the shop bike. Great adjustability from the dual air spring and the damping is what you expect from Rockshox.

Recommendation: Great fork for 26 and 29 inch varieties. Stiffer than the SID but not as light.

September 30, 2009
Pros: It's incredible I can't believe the comfort and power

Cons: They should have this fork in coil just like the recon 351

Recommendation: I will recommend this fork to any pro mountain biker ;)

July 1, 2009
Pros: Good value, takes a beating, keeps on ticking, pop lock is great for jumps on hills, all single speed goodness

Cons: None

Recommendation: Might be the best fork ever, like it better than my float

January 3, 2009
Pros: fully adjustable, lateral rigidity with good vertical absorbtion, poploc is great for long smooth climbs . Can take a hard hit.

Cons: none

Recommendation: got it on sale after reading reviews of it. Went out and tried it and it was super smooth. Didnt notice and lateral flex. Very responsive to any bumps. Rebound wasnt overwhelming after a hard bump. Awesome fork with no complaints.

September 28, 2008
Pros: This a great fork shock!

Cons: None

Recommendation: For anyone who loves a good fork shock

April 12, 2008
Pros: Fully customizable to my riding style. From the recommended settings, I increased -neg pressure 10% over +pos and it works for me. very responsive to small bumps, lightweight, inexpensive, strong.

Cons: :)

Recommendation: The best fork for the money, period.

April 10, 2008
Pros: Have it on the S.A.S.S. can poplock it or unlock it

Recommendation: Has been worth the money, it was on sale

July 24, 2007
Pros: EVERYTHING is amazing love it so much

Cons: none

Recommendation: I LOVE IT everyone should buy one