Fox Racing Shox 32-F Series MTB Fork Review

4.75 out of 5
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Fox Racing Shox 32 F-Series FIT RLC

December 18, 2012
Model/Year: 2011

Pros: This is the front suspension that came stock on my 2011 Trek Fuel EX 7. Previously on my other bikes I had some of the lower priced Rock Shox suspension systems (which I loved). This shock took such an adjustment period for me to get used to, but not for bad reasons, it simply was user error and learning curve! This thing is so plush and absorbing, that I would sometimes fall due to EXPECTING a jolt over certain rocks when there was none. Absolutely glides over most obstacles and feels so sturdy. I have even done some 1 and 2 foot drops and jumps with it, and it absorbs those landings like it was nothing.

Cons: Not a con, but actually takes a little time to adjust it to fit your weight, riding style etc. The adjustments (rebound etc) are actually a pro for most, but for someone not use to all the adjustments, it took me some time to figure out what worked for me. Once I did, I could not ask for anything better.

Recommendation: Highly recommend this suspension. Aside from the above listed benefits, it even came in a color (gold color) to compliment the frame of my trek, which makes the total bike look sweet.

December 11, 2012
Model/Year: Fox F100RLC

Pros: Plush action
Stiff where it should be
Lots of adjustments

Cons: None

Recommendation: This is my favorite fork. It goes on whichever bike I am racing at the time. Performance is always flawless. Always buttery smooth. I'd have this on all bikes if I could afford more of them. Highly recommend!

December 10, 2010
Pros: Fox quality and damping.

Cons: Flimsy seals. Paper like stantion anodizing.

Recommendation: Their dampers are creme de la creme but their uppers can use some work. Hopefully the Kashima coated forks will show to be more durable.

September 19, 2008
Pros: Great fork stiff, low sticktion and tones of adjustability. The RLC can work for anyone up too 230lb without issues.

Cons: If i had to pick one thing is FOX only has one fork oil avaliable for it...IT would be nice to have a few different weights for heavier riders.

Recommendation: Awesome for a bit pricy but once dialed in these work great...