Boeshield T-9 Lube Review

4.43 out of 5
By Jeff Barber    on Dec 8, 2016

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Q: what is the curing or drying time average in a 70 degree F environment? -Guest

A: Fast, in a minute or less. Used product on machining tables for years. Goes on cloudy. you can wipe and re-apply, or leave on.

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February 14, 2018
Model/Year: Any Bike/200

Pros: None

Cons: Too thin, too light, wears off after 30 miles on the road, and 15 miles on the dirt

Recommendation: Don't use it

July 18, 2016
Model/Year: Now?

Pros: Spray or liquid. Dries fast (spray). Repels. Protects. Lubricates.

Cons: Cost.

Recommendation: T-9 is great...used for years in machine shops. Can't go wrong on your bike components needing a protective, "lubricated" metal (or non-metal) surface.
p.s. If I read one more person posting WD-40 as a lubricant I'll cry...WD-40 is and always has been a solvent (a really effective one).

March 3, 2016
Pros: Great product,waxy film that lasts.Penetrates,lubricates Works on all surfaces. Put away that WD-40.

Cons: $$$~$14 a can but it lasts.

Recommendation: Buy it.

December 20, 2014
Pros: Second to none
No messy build up

Cons: $$$$$$$$$

Recommendation: A bit pricey but worth every penny. Great to have around your shop. It's great to use on your clip less pedal springs to keep them working smoothly. Works well on Suspension pivots too.

December 19, 2014
Model/Year: T-9

Pros: The best you can buy.
Keeps things clean/dry
Doesn't attract dirt

Cons: None

Recommendation: This stuff was invented by Boeing years ago for the aviation industry. If it's good enough for airplanes that cost millions, I think it'll be fine on your bikes. I've used it for 15 or so years and use it on everything from automotive, motorcycles, door hinges and anything else I'm working on that needs it. I really try to avoid WD-40 as it's a mess.

December 22, 2013
Pros: lubes just about everything
doesn't attract dirt
penetrates well
also works as a mild cleaner

Recommendation: I use this stuff for everything. it is a very good product for any bike owner to have around. got a sqeak? it will probably help.

August 21, 2012
Model/Year: 2011

Pros: Cleans, protects, lubes, and dries to a waxy film that does not pick up dirt.

Cons: Does not dry quickly

Recommendation: T-9 has pretty much replaced (I hate saying this...) my WD-40 Chains, gears, cables, Hubs(on the outside to repel dirt)hardware around the home. When I coat my chain I spray, wipe the extra, then ride the next day. It takes a bit to dry and it will throw off the extra.