OnGuard 5005 Pitbull DT Lock Review

4.00 out of 5
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December 17, 2013
Model/Year: 2013

Pros: Helps secure bike to platform hitch rack that doesn't have a means of securing the bike
cable can be wrapped around hitch frame and used to secure bike/rack to car
comes with multiple keys, one has a LED, too

Cons: People have complained about locksets freezing. Proper care and lubrication PREVENTS that from happening

Recommendation: Locks, cables, u-locks, and chains are nothing but deterrents to thieves. If they REALLY want your bike, they'll get it. Not much can stop a cordless angle grinder.

That said, I feel at ease leaving the bike on the rack when I venture in for food, beer, or other tasty vittles after a ride when I use this lock on my platform hitch rack.

The lock is beefy, sturdy, and looks like it can take a real beating. You can feel secure in knowing that your bike is less of a target with one of these around the wheel/frame triangle.

OnGuard 5005 Pitbull DT 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.