Light and Motion ARC Light Review

5.00 out of 5
By Jeff Barber    on Sep 24, 2008

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Light and Motion ARC Cub

December 22, 2008
Pros: Wide even beam without a hotspot in the middle to mess up your night vision, super lightweight battery, 2 hour listed run time, nice long cord, well sealed, feels bombproof

Cons: Not so easy to switch between helmet and bar mount

Recommendation: I LOVE this light. So this is a special make for Nashbar. They had them on sale and just after Thanksgiving they had a 20% off coupon. I got this puppy for 223 bucks (not including shipping or tax). Wait for another coupon and Get One Fast! The optics on all the Light and Motion lights are top notch, this one is no exception. The beam is wide and has a smooth transition from the center bright area to the outer edges. It has no artifacts - just buttery smooth light and lots of it. The Cub battery is compact and only weighs 197g. I actually get over 2 hours of run time. I have been on a couple rides over 2 hours and it has not gone into "limp home" mode. I have settled on using the ARC as my helmet light and my Light and Motion Solo as my bar light - a great set up! This would be the most perfect light ever if it was easier to switch from handlebar to head mode. As it is you need a Philips screwdriver. It comes with the Turbo multi-chemistry charger too, charge time has been under 90 minutes.

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August 24, 2008
Pros: Outstanding light that last a long time. Great illumination!

Cons: NONE

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April 12, 2007
Recommendation: This is in my opinion the best overall HID system on the market. The run time consistently out lasts similar systems from different companies on group rides. The batteries have held up for last three years and I have noticed only a slight reduction in run time. The battery mounting harness is secure and hasn't given us any problem (we typically ride with the lights mounted to our handlebars vs. helmets - though mounts are available for both). If you have never used an HID system... you will be suprised at how well they light up the trail. We have riden some extremely technical trails at night with these lights and have had no problem seeing obstacles. I'm saving the best for last... the lights are designed to 'break away'... basically... if you crash... the light snaps off and all that breaks is a small plastic break away tag that is available from light & motion's website for a few bucks... I cannot tell you how many times this break away system has saved this light. Don't even mess around with any other lighting system... just buy this one!

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Light and Motion ARC 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.