Cannondale Foresite Plus Headlight Light Review

2.67 out of 5
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  floh Poseur
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August 12, 2012
Pros: Small size & uses small batteries.

Cons: Not reliable because it does not always light up strong even with new batteries.

Recommendation: I don't recommend this light.

September 28, 2010
Pros: bright light when working

Cons: little bumps turn it off automatically.
have exchanged it twice now but gave up. switched to cateye, happy!
terrible clamp mechanism (screw is useless and will break in seconds, can't be tightened)!

Recommendation: don't buy. i am a canondale fan since over 20 years and own multiple canondale bikes, shoes you name it. this is the first cannondale item that totally disappointed me.

September 15, 2009
Pros: Easy to use and easily unclips from mount or the mount can be removed for daytime riding. Priced right for users.

Cons: would like for the LED's to be brighter at night

Recommendation: yes I would recommend this light

Cannondale Foresite Plus Headlight 2.67 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.