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June 22, 2016
Pros: - Large 29er wheels climb hills easy - Once you have some mtb tyres and tubes this will eat up the trails - Handles well and rides city paths with ease

Cons: - To do any mountain biking you will need to buy yourself some treads for the wheels. - Easy to pinch flat with mtb tubes and tyres on a downhill section - Stock pedals are slippery when MTBing - Stock grips are crap and don't stay in position well

Recommendation: Great hybrid that is perfect at what it's designed to do out of the box; ride city trails with the occasional off-road section. Once you've chucked some new pedals, grips, and tubes & tyres on it the Roam will eat up proper MTB trails. I took this on a 24hour race and a 3 day event in the middle of the Australian bush in Alice Springs and it still rides perfectly. Gotta watch out for pinch flats though if you're riding with a tube in as it lands hard on a downhill section without any rear suspension. Love it, but don't buy it if your sole purpose is a downhill bike. Works great otherwise as a hard tail xc bike with a few minor modifications.

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