Sony HDR-AS100VR Helmet Camera Review

5.00 out of 5
Weight: 92 grams
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May 8, 2015
Pros: This is a very slim line camera and can be mounted almost anywhere you can imagine.
The GPS feature on this camera make videos a lot more interesting because people can see how fast you were moving.
Sinks up to smart TVs via wifi or NFC.
Splash proof by itself or waterproof in case.
Nice editing software.
Sound is very clear and not muffled.
Camera takes very clear and vivid pictures.
Camera takes great pictures and video in low light settings.

Cons: Mounting hardware made by Sony for this device is cheap.
The buttons on the case that came with the phone came off.

Recommendation: I bought this camera because I am an active person and do a lot of different activities. Mountain biking and auto racing are the two things that I do the most. The GPS feature on this camera gives pretty accurate speeds and lap times so the videos are great for family and friends to watch.