Contour Contour HD Helmet Camera Review

5.00 out of 5
By Jeff Barber    on Aug 25, 2009

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March 17, 2011
Pros: Compact
Ease of use
Contour GPS will have Bluetooth app to make your mobile phone the view finder!

Cons: .mov file format export forces conversion sometimes
Can't delete from micro SD card, you have to mount the whole camera

Recommendation: This camera rocks because of the mounting capabilities and the laser alignment. You can mount it anywhere and get a sick shot. Check out my review at

December 4, 2010
Pros: excellent video quality, good battery life, easy to set up to my Mac computer

Cons: little $$$

Recommendation: once you buy I can't see why you'd buy something else

December 1, 2010
Pros: Good battery life.
Great video on HD setting.
Plenty of recording time on an 8GB microSD card.
Easy to transfer to computer.
Standard USB connector, can easily be charged on any computer or on a blackberry car charger.
'Aiming' laser pointer
Easy slide switch to start/stop recording.

Cons: The mounting bracket could be better.
.MOV file format.
Power switch is a little hard to work while riding.
Recording settings can only be done on the computer, not on the fly.

Recommendation: I won this here at Singletracks and it is a blast to use. The video quality is so good that you can take stills from it, and the camera shake is very minimal compared to others I have used.
I mount mine near my head tube rather than on my helmet, and it works great from there.

July 31, 2010
Pros: Compact, universal, great for recording anywhere. I sometimes forget that it's attached to my helmet. I haven't had any problems with video quality or lighting everything looks great!

Cons: The only thing I could come up with is you cant see your recording until you download it to your computer or plug into the T.V. Oh ya and the editing software isn't to great, better off downloading or buying better editing software.

Recommendation: I would recommend this product to anyone. I just finished making a video of Pinehurst trail in W.P.B. Fl. was impressed with the camera even in extremely sunny conditions.

March 14, 2010
Pros: Light weight, pic quality is better than standard def. No need for a separate recording unit. Form factor is nice.

Cons: The mounting system I got an extremevu after-market system and all is well.

Recommendation: This gets quality hi def footage--the best I know of in its class. Convert your footage to AVI with neoscene, edit, convert back to .mp4 and upload to vimeo or youtube. A marvelous item and the best of 5 helmet cam systems i have owned.

January 21, 2010
Pros: Great camera with an awesome picture. Ive mounted this on my helmet and its pretty much plug and play. The Hd color is amazing.

Cons: The software is awkward. Depending on how new your computer is. When I used it on my buddies new laptop it popped right up and was on the internet pretty quick. I have to play with the mounting options, helmet mount doesnt show any handlebar shots. Rocks and jumps look like small bumps.

Recommendation: I love it. Lightweight, easy to use and I throw it in my camelback every ride. Picture is amazing.

August 17, 2009
Pros: Small size, awesome video quality! Easy to start / stop and the laser alignment makes it a cinch to dial in the right angle for your shot. There's really no limit to where you can mount this camera and the wide angle lens minimizes the shakes while taking in all the action. Battery life is great and the indicator lights and sounds make it easy to tell when you're recording.

Cons: Transitions between light and dark conditions can lag at times. The sticky mount can be tough to attach to a helmet since helmets aren't flat. No way to preview videos on the trail but that's not a big deal since this camera seems to get great shots no matter where you mount it.

Recommendation: I've tried other helmet cameras and this one blows all of them away. I found that the best way to use this camera is to mount it to my bike frame where I can turn it on and forget it. Dead simple and beautiful video.

May 31, 2009
Pros: Compact, Light & easy to use

Cons: microphone should have a windscreen to eliminate the wind noise.

Contour Contour HD 5.00 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.