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September 13, 2009
Pros: good frame, decent brakes, good handle bars

Cons: rims bend to easily, the crown of the fork broke, chain slap, rough shifting

Recommendation: now dont get me wrong, i LOVE this bike. good bike with great posiblitys to upgrade. but its not very tough and cant take to much but that might have to do with how i ride so im not going to hold it against the bike. all around its a great bike

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July 22, 2009
Pros: disc brakes, great tires with amazing tread, very comfortable seat, fork that surpasses any other entry level bike

Cons: chain slap/ loose chain, sloppy shifting at times...nothing that can't be fixed with a quick tuneup

Recommendation: I spent months looking everywhere for my first mountain bike. I was looking in the entry level price range, but every bike I looked at left me feeling like I was compromising for less, whether it was a cheap fork, no disc breaks, or off-brand components. My search for the perfect bike ended when I found the Aspen. My first two trail runs later, and I still stand firm in my belief that it is the best entry level bike for the money! I was riding advance trails with bikes twice the price of mine with no problems! I love this bike and recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase their first mountain bike on a beginner level budget. You will not be disappointed! The service you receive from the staff at REI is unmatched! Novara is REI's own store brand so they back their bikes up with a lifetime warranty and give you a FREE tuneup after you break in the bike (they recommend after the first 100 miles).

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June 14, 2008
Pros: disc brakes in an entry level bike, good front fork, comfortable saddle, awesome tires

Cons: platform pedals (but, it is entry level), chain slap

Recommendation: I am a beginner. For an entry level bike, it feels incredible to me, and i'm riding the same trails that other advanced guys do with no problems. I highly recommend this bike from REI!

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Novara Aspen 4.67 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.