KHS Alite 3000 Mountain Bike Review

4.33 out of 5
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May 15, 2014
Model/Year: 2009

Pros: Price and KHS stands behid it.

Cons: little heavy and cheap fork

Recommendation: for a entry level bike, recommend it.

January 4, 2011
Model/Year: 2008 FRAME ONLY

Pros: Awesome Light less than 3 pound frame. Super fast! Responsins to pedal input instantly!

Cons: Steep front end rake causing very quick steering that can sometimes be unsettling. No local retailers in MI had to buy Online.

Recommendation: I would recommend this frame to anyone. Buy as a frame (last years model) and add your components to keep cost down. I built a sub 24 pound rig for less than $1000.

June 23, 2008
Pros: The Frame is the best I have ever ridden on. When you rail corners you can feel it move right with you. The mix of the Carbon fiber and Alloy makes for a nice stiff frame but also a forgiving frame that doesn't feel has it you are getting you beating up on rougher trails. This is maybe the best fitting frame I have been on for me. The angles are spot on. It is a super tough frame I have taken 3 ft drop on this bike . Instead of decal they let the Carbon fiber show through the paint job. It is a really sharp looking bike.

Cons: The wheel set that comes on it is an All-MTN wheel set from WTB. They are pretty heavy and some un-needed weight to the bike.I have had some problems with the rear derailleur. but that is nothing against KHS it is a Shimano thing.

Recommendation: I am giving this bike 5 stars, but the rear derailleur and the wheel choice could be a little better. If you are looking for your first race bike. This would be a good choice. I had to cut down the steer tube some more from the way it came. It comes in a more relax set up, but is a easy fix. The one upgrade I think you have to do to this is a new wheelset. But that is to cut on some weight, if you don't care about that tho you will have no problem with the bike. I am pretty sure I will be racing this frame for years to come, it fits me like a glove.