Oury Lock-on Grips Grip Review

4.54 out of 5
Weight: 200 grams
By Jeff Barber    on Nov 3, 2016

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Oury Mountain Grip

May 20, 2018
Model/Year: 2018

Pros: Lock screws on both sides of grip, best vibration damping material in the business. End caps for a tidy, durable installation. Old motocross company (I like that, lol).

Cons: Pricey

Recommendation: Oury grips have always been awesome. They take the buzz out of the handlebars and keep your hands from feeling numb. Great product.

August 30, 2016
Model/Year: 2016 Bright Green

Pros: Chunky grip texture, thicker rubber than most

Cons: Leaves rectangles imprinted on your palms ha!

Recommendation: 100%, and definitely get the Lock-On version.

March 20, 2016
Pros: Beefy grips...Durable and Enduro bra

Cons: Meh

Recommendation: These grips are fantastic...I was always getting hand cramps which was partially from poor technique bit after I switched to these my hands have felt great.

February 10, 2015
Model/Year: 2014

Pros: love this grippy grips, excellent cushion, never have any issues with the grips rotating or falling off, easily put on and taken off.

Cons: too sticky to use without gloves.
taste really good to German shepherd puppies.
have issues with sweat and salt pooling underneath the grips causing the bar to corrode. not sure if this is due to the handlebars or to the nasty hot weather in Georgia.

Recommendation: recoomend a rubberized seal at both ends on the inside in order to keep water, sweat, dirt out from under the grips.

June 10, 2014
Pros: The cushion on the grips is not so thin that you feel like you've been digging your grave all day after a ride, and it isn't so cushiony that you feel like you're squeezing a cow's udder.

Cons: none

December 21, 2013
Model/Year: 2012

Pros: Soft, rugged, reliable. What else do you want?

Cons: Fat, which many people don't like. I do so not a con for me.

Recommendation: Put them on anything. Put them on your car if you can!

December 18, 2013
Pros: Chunky rubber. Absorbs vibration well. Easy to install. Easy to clean.

Cons: Get a bit of a foul smell if you have sweaty hands.

Recommendation: These are my favorite lock-on grips i have purchased in recent years. They grip very well, and shock absorption is handled by it's chunky rubber squares. You can add a little color by switching out the lockrings to some of the anodized offerings. They are easy to clean with dish soap and will look as good as new.

January 14, 2013
Pros: Soft
Large pads and deep channels

Recommendation: Finally got out and tested these new grips and I really like them. I rarely got hand/wrist/arm fatigue over the course of the ride, and it was very comfortable to hold on to the grips. Definitely recommend picking some up if you can find them on sale.

December 22, 2012
Pros: -Thick
-These things never show wear or lose grip
-Stay locked and in place

Cons: There is absolutely nothing bad that can be said about these grips.

Recommendation: It's a tie for me between these and ODI Rogue lock ons for my all time favorite grips. The Ourys are awesome. They are really fat for big hands to grab a hold of and they lock on and stay on.

October 25, 2011
Model/Year: Pictured

Pros: Soft, large, easy set up, easy clean does not move.

Cons: End caps always need adjustment, turning and tightening.

Recommendation: I would buy these again today if I had to. My grip of choice.