ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips Grip Review

4.43 out of 5
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January 20, 2016
Model/Year: Ruffian lock-on

Pros: Replaceable grips

May 14, 2014
Pros: No movement. Comfortable. Nice feel due to how thin they are. Nice sleek look.

Cons: Not much shock absorption.

Recommendation: If you aren't worried about the lack of absorption, these grips are very nice.

February 25, 2014
Model/Year: 2012

Pros: Tough, easy to install, look nice, grippy

Cons: not super comfortable

Recommendation: These sacrifice a plush feel for toughness and grip. And that's fine with me. I bought a pair for both bikes. I would highly recommend these.

December 19, 2013
Model/Year: 2012

Pros: Very tacky. Easy to install and remove

Cons: Wore rather quickly

Recommendation: These grips are very comfy if you like a thinner grip. Had them on two different bikes. They didn't make MTB grip of the year for nothing.

February 9, 2013
Model/Year: 2012

Pros: They have excellent grip and look good.

Cons: They are a bit on the thin and hard side.

Recommendation: These are good grips for shorter rides and offer great feel because of how thin they are. However, they will not be the most comfortable on extended rides or over very rough trails. If you have sensative hands or wirst problems beware!

August 20, 2012
Model/Year: Patriot Limited Edition

Pros: Light, secure, and provide a great grip.

Cons: Don't provide much in the way of comfort.

Recommendation: If you're not looking for a good grip for marathon comfort, this is a great way to go. If you have sensitive hands or forearms, you might want something more ergonomic.

February 16, 2012
Pros: grippy,

Cons: narrow

December 14, 2011
Pros: Easy to install, locking collars come in many colors.

Cons: To thin and not enough cushion for my liking.

Recommendation: I found these grips to be a little to narrow for my hands. On the other hand they do grip very well for not having much meat to them. I've order a set of Rogue's to see how they feel.

January 5, 2011
Pros: No slippage - grip to bar OR grip to hand. Lightweight.

Cons: Not a ton of padding - can get uncomfortable on long rides.

Recommendation: Great value for a lock-on grip.

December 14, 2010
Pros: Great structure to the grip. I have NEVER had my hand slip on these grips.

Cons: Even with gloves, these grips give me callouses like no other! I even developed a blood blister on my hand after one exceptionally long day of riding

Recommendation: Overall, a great grip. You won't slip with these guys. Dry or wet, and even muddy, I've never had a problem with grip. I suppose these grips just aren't for me though seeing as that my hands take a beating while using them.