Lizard Skins Moab Lock On Grips Grip Review

4.79 out of 5
By Jeff Barber    on Nov 3, 2016

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January 21, 2016
Model/Year: 2014 Transition Covert, 2013 Transition Double

Pros: great feel and comfort
supports trail building with percentage of profits

Cons: none

Recommendation: I've had 2 sets of these and they hold up well

August 26, 2015
Pros: cheap, look cool

Cons: way too sticky

Recommendation: if you like sticky grips these are for you

July 9, 2013
Model/Year: Lizard Skins Moab lock on/2013

Pros: -Great feel in hand
-Hand to Grip stickiness in any weather/temp
-Slide on with ease & stay put
-Perfect cockpit upgrade

Cons: None

Recommendation: I've tried many grips and these have not disappointed me one bit. They have a great feel and are comfortable on long rides too. From the use I have put on them they seem to have not worn down in the least bit compared to other grips I have owned. Get them!

December 11, 2012
Pros: Great grip
Easy install
No slippage

Cons: None

Recommendation: Love these grips! Grip is always there. I've ridden these in 100 degree Florida heat to racing in a thunderstorm at 40 degrees. They work great in all conditions. Easy to put on and stay where they are!

April 2, 2012
Pros: Sticky and good diameter

Cons: none

Recommendation: An easy and cheap upgrade for any bike. Do it!

December 2, 2010
Pros: Easy install, no slip, good grip

Cons: These grip are a little thin, I'd prefer a little more vibration dampning.

Recommendation: Overall they do the job. They haven't let me down thus far.

August 1, 2010
Pros: Great grip, very easy to install with NO movement at all!!

Cons: none

Recommendation: These are great, slim, tacky grips. Once you put them on they are right there for you!! Great grip throughout the whole ride.

December 13, 2009
Pros: Easy install! Look cool! SUPER GRIP! Don't move.

Cons: None!

Recommendation: These grips are super easy to put on and once they're there, they're not moving. Rode them first today and was amazed how much grip they provide. Even if they're wet they still provide unbelievable grip. After riding for a short while, I noticed I wasn't having to pay attention to my grip like I would with my old grips. Bottom line...these grips are really awesome.

August 27, 2009
Pros: looks really trick, don't slip at all, easy installation/removal, excellent grip thats slightly tacky...did i mention they look awesome?

Cons: price could be a bit lower...i got mine at my LBS for $27.00

Recommendation: though they're not the cheapest grips you can get, they are well worth the money! the grip they provide is excellent, and they won't slip AT ALL once they're tightened. They are also reallyhigh qulity as far as the grip compound and the aluminum bar ends. also check out your LBS because some sell CUSTOM ones! i have annodized orange bar ends with a laser etched logo.

July 13, 2009
Pros: Easy install....they do not slip & looks great on your handlebars

Cons: Little pricey..... :-(

Recommendation: Yes I would recommend them stock grips would move around and these grips don't move.