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2.71 out of 5
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November 1, 2015
Model/Year: 2016 Trek X Caliber 9

Pros: Durable.
Does its job.

Cons: Finish does not last.

Recommendation: Came factory on my 2016 Trek X Caliber 9. I have had no problems other than the finish wears quickly.

November 1, 2015
Model/Year: 2015

Pros: Reasonable price. Not bad if you have to walk. Price is decent.

Cons: Do not stick well to studs on flat pedals.

Recommendation: These are my first mountainbike shoes. They have held up well. You can add a clip to them. If you ride flats with studs, go with a flatter sole.

October 22, 2015
Model/Year: 2014

Pros: light and long

Cons: large diameter of seatpost, hard to put on a bike repair stand.

October 22, 2015
Model/Year: 2014

Pros: compfy for short arount town rides

Cons: uncompfortable on long rides

December 12, 2013
Pros: stays in place

Cons: hard

Recommendation: no. came with my trek 3500 but I would never buy these

May 13, 2013
Pros: Lightweight looks good aluminum won't rust

Cons: Thin coat of paint is prone to scratching

Recommendation: A lightweight aluminum post that looks great and does a good job at staying put and not sliding down any.

March 12, 2013
Model/Year: 2013

Pros: looks good
hold the seat up

Cons: seat clamp

Recommendation: Has been working fine, so far no complaints.

March 11, 2013
Model/Year: 90mm

Pros: Inexpensive
Not that heave

Cons: only two bolts to hold bars in place
a bit too much flex during rides.

Recommendation: I feel better with a 4 bolt clamp for the bars. And it is a bit to flexi for me.

December 21, 2012
Pros: stays in one piece?

Cons: Heavy
Bolts suck

Recommendation: This is the complete opposite of what you want out of a stem. When looking for stems, use this as what not to buy. I used to install these all day on trek bikes, and it never ceased to amaze me how cheap and crappy they are....

December 21, 2012
Pros: Soft foam
Looks cool
Light enough

Cons: Foam.....
Hurts the taint!!
Easily damaged

Recommendation: This saddle scratches easily and hurts the taint! Also, it is made out of a soft foam which is great for short distance comfort but you will pay for it one the longer rides. Since it has so much foam, if it gets wet, it will stay wet for the rest of the day.

Bontrager SSR 2.71 out of 5 based on 21 ratings. 21 user reviews.